If I were to ask you why you bought the car that you drive, you could give me some “factual” insights but in reality, you bought your car from an emotional perspective. Traditional market research finds it difficult to understand the emotional side until now.

Neuro Marketing services allow business owners to assess the true emotional impact of their company. The Neuro Marketing tools we use (EEG machine) is the cutting edge technology in consumer behavioural research.

So how is this cutting edge?

Consumers can usually define what they want, how much they will pay, and maybe even what promotional activities appeal to them. All of this information is useful to marketers, but equally as important as to why. Where do these values come from? How does packaging play a role in their purchase decision? What is going on deep in their brain when evaluating a product or promotion?

The truth is that Neuro Marketing is simply the study of how the human brain responds to marketing stimuli. This helps marketers understand the underlying reasons as to why consumers make the purchasing decisions they do.

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