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Shadowing Many people fail to realise that we buy by being influenced from surroundings we are completely unaware of. It could be an advert on T.V. or something a friend tells us that day. In fact, if you look at the items you use most in your life, the reason you purchased them will be […]

Customer Insights

Customer Insights Have you ever thought to yourself ‘what is it that my customers really want?’ The secret to selling and the most authentic way possible is knowing your customers well so that you can serve them well. What if you held the crystal ball that will finally help you understand what your customers really […]


Neuro-Marketing If I were to ask you why you bought the car that you drive, you could give me some “factual” insights but in reality, you bought your car from an emotional perspective. Traditional market research finds it difficult to understand the emotional side until now. Neuro Marketing services allow business owners to assess the […]

Customer Experience

Customer Experience Many businesses focus on customer service but many businesses forget about the WHOLE customer experience. Customer experience is a discipline that understands the emotional journey of your customer through start to finish. The objective is to make your customer’s journey as effortless as possible and to give the ultimate experience. This helps create […]